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I am thankful for...

BekkiBoom Nov 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012, awesome people of Buzznet! 

I have so, so many things to be thankful for this year and it is the time to express my thankfulness(?) to share with everyone. This year, I am thankful for a roof over my head, my amazing supportive family, my wonderful amazing friends, my opportunites this year, having great experiences with college, being able to learn in college, travelling to Kenya to help those less fortunate, becoming an ambassador for Hadassah school in Kenya, having the support to arrange successful fundraisers, competing in a charity battle of the bands competition at The Brook in front of hundreds of people, and many many more things. I am so thankful and I can't express my thankfulness enough!

I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving, stuffs themselves with lots of food and has a great weekend, for me it's my birthday - WOO!!


A Bekki update!

BekkiBoom Sep 28, 2012

I have been so MIA recently it's crazy! I don't think I have ever been so busy in my life to have not posted on Buzznet properly for a while. Here is a photo/written update on what I've been up to for the last few months :)

-Set up a Kenyan fundraising gig to raise money for the school in visited in Kenya in July.

Prolong the Agony, Old Culture, Loyal Like Us, Zenthetix and Among Giants all played and they did a great job that night, inviting all their fans along to have a great moshing time!

 - I have been doing some photoshoots for my documentary photography work, including visiting some of my grandma's friends and chatting to them about their pasts - it was so interesting and refreshing to talk more in deth to another generation. For personal reasons, I cannot put the photos up unfortuntely. 

-I saw Pierce the Veil and Crown the Empire on Tuesday night and it was one of the best gigs of my life!!

-Last night I went to a wedding exhibition with Rachel and Barry and had a pretty fun time considering none of us are getting married! There was an awesome photobooth there and we had fun laughing at an Abba tribute band on stage.

-So all in all I've been pretty busy with work and everything! I'll try my best to keep updating and talking to everyone on here! :D

Zach Galifianakis Ties The Knot!

BekkiBoom Aug 14, 2012

Zach Galifianakis is far from his charcters played in films such as The Hangover, where he is always unlucky in love. The 42-year-old has just tied the knot to his long term girlfriend Quinn Lundberg in a private ceremony in Vancouver.

The wedding was said to have been quite low key and quick, which is strange considering the amount he must have in his bank!

A source told Us Weekly: "The wedding ceremony was held at UBC Farm at 4 pm. It was super private and intimate and only lasted about 30 minutes - everyone was out by 5 pm."

His bride, 29-year-old Quinn, is the co-founder of the charity Growing Voices.

Congratulations to them both!

My Kenya Adventure

BekkiBoom Aug 07, 2012

Finally I have some time on my hands to tell you all about my Kenyan adventure! It was one of the best things that I have ever had the experience of doing in my whole life. I got to travel to Kenya with my college for two weeks, to a town called Nakuru. We worked at a school almost every day and I found myself falling in love with the whole thing extremely quickly. The children are lovely and I miss them more and more every day. Lucy especially. She is the cutest girl in the world! (Picture below.)

I also got a great chance to take some photos for my photography course at college and I will post a seperate album of some of my favourite images.

After venturing to Africa, and also spending overall 10 hours in Doha Airport in Saudi Arabia, I have become more grateful of the things that I have and I feel like my view on many things has changed dramatically.

We're all planning on taking another trip out there either next year or the year after, and we've already started fundraising! Unfortunately, the land we were on at Hadassah school is being reposesed by the land lord later this year and altogether, it costs £10,000 to buy some more land for the school to move to. So we have decided to raise the money together!

If there is any chance that any of the lovely people on Buzznet could spare some money towards Hadassah school, please please let me know, I will be so grateful!

Venturing to Kenya!

BekkiBoom Jul 12, 2012

From tomorrow at 9pm, I will no longer be in England for two weeks! I'll be travelling to Nakuru in Kenya with African Adventure to help volunteer out there. I'm going to be working at a couple of local schools, building chicken coops and planting crops for the whole village.

This is going to be a great opportunity, and it really will be a once-in-a lifetime thing! I cannot WAIT to go! Everything is currently spread out on the bed upstairs waiting to be packed into my suitcased tonight. I'm pretty organised and currently charging everything up!

Being away for two weeks does mean that I will be inactive from most social networking sites, but if I have the time to find a computer somewhere, I'll update you all on what's been happening, but be expecting a HUGE photo update when I come back in August!

Bon voyage all my lovely friends, and I shall see you all very soon, hopefully feeling invigorated and maybe even a better person from my experience! :)

Workin' my ASS off.

BekkiBoom Jun 28, 2012

Since I visited Arts University College of Bournemouth last week I've been so inspired by all the work there that I have been working and trying my hardest this week. I've been doing endless illustrations and photoshop work inspired by artists such as Stanley Donwood and Lauren Bishop, and I have been doing loads of extension work in my photography class.

Here are a few examples of my response work from my graphics class:

Hope you guys like it! :)

Megan Fox: Definitely Pregnant!

BekkiBoom Jun 26, 2012

Look at this cuteness: Megan Fox and her hubby Brian Austin Green have been snapped whilst in Hawaii, the same place as where they got married two years ago, with a most definite baby bump in sight!

Although Fox is a step-mum to 10-year-old Kassius from Green's previous marrige, this will be Fox's first child! So exciting!

The pregnancy rumours have been going on for some time, but now we can see they are true! I can't wait to hear more!

Take a look at more pics below!

Are you excited to hear more about the baby?!

Do you think Megan Fox will be a good Mum?

Long time no see!

BekkiBoom Jun 24, 2012

Hey awesome people of the world! Today I did some modelling (if you can say that!) for my friend's art project all about stereotypes. I was in the character of a stereotypical teenager that is hanging round local places drinking and smoking. I found it so much fun to pretend to be the typical teenager and I do like being vain sometimes (but doesn't everyone?!) haha! Poppi (my friend) also did another side to stereotypes, like what you wouldn't expect from them. So, I also posed as a dirty looking teenager meditating, because it wouldn't be expected by all the judgemental people of the world.

Here's some of the silly outtakes from today! I also thank god that it was a gorgeous day today!

So, there's a preview of some of the outtakes from today! As soon as Poppi has finished editing the real ones, I shall put them up!

Hope everyone is having a lovely, happy day! :)

From Train Wreck to Elizabeth Taylor!

BekkiBoom Jun 06, 2012

With Lindsay Lohan's next role coming up as the amazing Elizabeth Taylor, take a look at how Lindsay has been dolled up looking much more elegant than her usual self!

Lohan looks almost unrecognisable in one of the first photos of herself as Elizabeth Taylor and who knew Lindsay had so much Taylor in her?! She looks great!

I can't wait for the film to come out to see how Lindsay portrays herself as Elizabeth Taylor, but I've heard she's been trying very hard to mimic her every step! Good on her I say, this filming is a nice and pleasent distraction from the normal party animal Lindsay!!

What do YOU think of Lindsay Lohan's Elizabeth Taylor look?

Are you looking forward to the film?

Kim's turning into her Mum?!

BekkiBoom May 14, 2012

Please tell me it's not just me that thinks Kim Kardashian is slowly turning into her mum?! Kim recently shot for American Vogue - yes, Vogue. And she was pictured modelling a short wig rather like Kris' actual hair. Kim looks the spitting image of her mum and it looks kinda scary! that you?!

I know they do say that every girl will turn into her mum some day...but so soon?! Kim is only 31, whereas her mum is 56! Surely Kim still has a few years left until she starts looking like Kris!

I wonder what Kanye West thinks of this...getting a taste of what is to come for the future?

Do you think Kim is looking like Kris here?! Gimmie YOUR verdict!

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